You Won’t Believe These Bizarre School Rules From Different Countries.

Imagine being banned from eating bananas or even laughing out loud at school

Abdullah Kalf - Editor


Photo by Chris Hardy on Unsplash

Around the world, schools have a variety of rules and regulations that help ensure a safe and orderly learning environment for students. While some of these rules may seem mundane or reasonable, others can be quite strange or even bizarre.

Here are a few examples of the strangest school rules from around the globe:

No talking in the corridors.

At a school in the United Kingdom, students are not allowed to talk or make any noise while walking in corridors.

This rule is meant to ensure a quiet and peaceful environment for studying, but some students have complained that it can be difficult to communicate with their friends or get help when they need it.

No laughing out loud.

At a school in Japan, students are not allowed to laugh out loud while on campus.

This rule is meant to promote a calm and respectful atmosphere, but some students have found it difficult to suppress their laughter and have been punished for breaking the rule.

No eating bananas.



Abdullah Kalf - Editor

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